Dealing With Board Owners

Board owners play an essential role within a nonprofit’s achievement. They carry fiduciary responsibility, set strategic direction, get new owners and control risk.

But like any company, boards have their challenges. Occasionally they can be a fantastic asset, and other times they will become problems that drain resources.

The simplest way to deal with a hard board member is to be familiar with problem.

Explain what every board affiliate is responsible for – and as to why they were chosen to be on the board to begin with.

Explain that each board affiliate brings another type of perspective and expertise in the relationship, and each will need to contribute favorably to the objective of your nonprofit.

Give them a definite understanding of the expectations for his or her behavior and values, advises facilitator Rebecca Sutherns.

If you suspect that a specific panel member is certainly making an effort to weaken your nonprofit’s work or perhaps cause a destructive impact on the staff or perhaps other directors, try bringing them on with a private discussion along with the chair and governance committee.

Discuss how their behaviors are detrimental to your organization, and discuss a disciplinary method if that they don’t alter their ways.

Ideally, the disciplinary method will include a removal or perhaps resignation of that board affiliate.

If this is not possible, consider a replacing or the prospect of creating an advisory group to help deal with that director’s behavior in the future. If certainly not resolve the problem, then it may be time to cut ties with this individual.

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