Kalash festival Pakistan 2022-23

Chilam Joshi Festival (Kalash spring festival)  Tuesday 13 May – 16 May

Uchal Festival (Kalash summer festival)            Friday 20 Aug – 22 Aug

Choimus  Festival (Kalash winter festival)         Wednesday 15 Dec – 22 Dec.

Kalash festival is an ancient cultural event which takes place every year around the same time in the Kalash valley, Pakistan. Kalash valleys are surrounded by the Hindukush mountains. People who live in these valleys are called Kalasha people, who have a unique culture, traditions, language and follow an ancient form of Hinduism.



Spectacular mountain vistas

Experience the pagan culture of ethnic minority community of Kalash.

Meet the descendent of Alexander the great & his troops.

Dance with the Kalash people and learn their culture.

UNESCO listed Kalash culture as intangible cultural heritage

Enjoy Pakistani cuisine.